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Curtain Cleaning in Trafford

curtain cleaning TraffordWith our expert curtain and drapery cleaning in Trafford, you have found the best curtain cleaning service around. Our competitive prices, fully insured and vetted cleaners using only he finest machinery and detergents. Guaranteeing your safety is our number one priority, this is why all cleaning supplies using on the field adhere to REACH regulations, ever since 2004 when the professional curtain cleaning company first opened for business. Be sure to check back with us regularly for up to date information on upcoming deals and offers.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full length pair of curtains £24
Dry Curtain Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £60
Full length pair of curtains £90

Benefits of Professional Curtain Cleaning in Trafford

Drapery will accumulate dust and small particles in its fibers over time, if not cleaned on a regular basis it can affect the quality of the air, leading to repertory issues and other problems, luckily our service can prevent these issues, in fact with us you will enjoy:

  • Dust free curtains
  •  No more smoky/food odour saturated fibers
  •  Protected curtain lining
  • Professional curtain cleaners Trafford
  •  Longer lasting clean effects
  •  Prolonged textile duration

Find the full list of benefits and information about the ones above, by calling us at 0161 823 0246 and asking our friendly task about these or any other benefits.

Curtain Cleaning in Trafford Explained

Curtain Dry Cleaning – in order to safely and quickly clean even the most delicate of draperies out there, we use this service, it not only cleans but disinfects and removes bacterial colonies, without using chemical filled detergents. All natural bio-degradable cleaning supplies are used to guarantee the best results, without compromising the safety and well-being of your family. The curtain cleaners in Trafford apply the dry compound on the affect area, it is then spread and imbedded into the fibers with a fine brush, then left to react for 15 minutes. After done it and all of the debris and dirt are extracted using a powerful vacuum cleaner, that does not require any drying or waiting.

Steam Curtain Cleaning Trafford – has a very intense and powerful reaction with any stain that gets in its way, having the reputation of an efficient cleaning method, this procedure uses steam and a carefully chosen detergent to eliminate all types of stains. With a quick cleaning method and almost no drying time, this service is a very solid choice for the most affected curtains.

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