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Mattress Cleaning in Trafford, Greater Manchester

mattress cleaning TraffordGuarantee your family’s sound sleep, book our professional mattress cleaning service in Trafford and let us get rid of stains, odours and beg bugs or dust mites for you. With the best prices around, only the premium in bio-degradable cleaning detergents, and a qualified team of cleaners, we are the right choice in any bed mattress cleaning situation. As of 2004, all detergents used during the cleaning processes adhere to the standards as set by the Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals act, and are safe for use around children and pets.

Benefits of Mattress Cleaning in Trafford, Manchester

Having trouble with bed bugs or dust mites, you will know that they cannot be removed expect with professional help, luckily we are equipped to deal with such annoying and resilient pests, with us you will also enjoy:

  •  Dust free bed mattresses
  •  Comfortable sleep
  •  Human hair and dead skin cell extraction
  •  Odour neutralisation
  •  Pet urine stain removal

And an ever growing list of benefits, that you can acquire about by calling the team for professional mattress cleaning in Trafford over at 0161 823 0246 and asking about it.

Cleaning ServicePrices
Mattress Steam Cleaning
Single Mattress £18
Cleaning ServicePrices
Dry Mattress Cleaning
Single Mattress £48


Mattress Cleaning Customer Guide in Trafford

U.V Lights treatment – is our way of responding to any size bed big or dust mite colony. No matter what size we can deal wit it, the very same way scientists and biomechanics sterilize their labs and equipment, using ultraviolet lights that penetrate every layer of matter, killing of harmful bacteria in the process. For full coverage, we use 2-3 lamps at a time, with no blind spots we can ensure the better cleaning process. After the procedure is done we go over with a powerful vacuum cleaner and removal all fecal matter and carcasses, making your mattress ready to be used once again.

mattress cleaners Trafford Steam mattress cleaning Trafford – easily and quickly extracts stains and odours from every mattress type, memory foam or not, we can do it safely and do it today. It also sanitizes the surface and base of your mattress very efficiently, so no bacteria will be left behind.

Booking Our Expert Mattress Cleaning Services in Trafford Today!

Don't waste any more time, to book us immediately simply call 0161 823 0246 and book or request a callback for mattress cleaning. With convenient times, low prices and holiday visits, our team is the right choice for your household bed mattress cleaning needs.