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Rug Cleaning in Trafford, Greater Manchester

Done with great care precision, our Azure Cleaners's rug cleaning service in Trafford is just the thing you need for your Persian rugs. Only using premium detergents and machines, performed by the best cleaners in the business, you can rest assured that your precious rugs are in the right hands. With a full comprehensive insurance you and your belongings are safe from harm. Not only that, but if you are not satisfied with our work, you will get a full refund and a free cleaning.

Get Your Rug Clean in Trafford, Manchester

This service has a lot of benefits, suitable not only for home owners, but also different business in Trafford. With regular visits we can ensure the complete cleaning of all rug types, helping you enjoy:rug cleaning Trafford

  • Professional rug cleaners Trafford
  •  No more dirt marks
  •  Full dust mite and beg bur extraction
  •  Complete odour neutralisation
  •  Fiber conditioning

You can also enjoy softer materials, more vivid colours and evenly cleaned rugs that are protected from dirt and stain accumulation. To know more contact us at 0161 823 0246 and ask us.

Azure Cleaners's Rug Cleaning in Trafford

Dry rug cleaning Trafford – can be useful in situations that require a bit more fines, like when cleaning delicate materials such as silk and cotton. These are prone to shrinkage and can be damaged by water and heat, so to avoid it its best to use a dry compound cleaning technique such as ours. The rug cleaners will apply the dry detergent in the rug and the affected areas after being hoover to remove any debris and contaminants that might make our job more complex. It is left to react with the stains and discolorations for about 12-15 minutes then extracted using a vacuum cleaner, along with everything that was inside. This way you are left with a clean, ready to use rug without the chance of damage.

Trafford rug cleaningSteam rug cleaning – allows the rug cleaners in Trafford to remove even the sturdiest of stains without worrying about damaging synthetic or woolen rugs. Done by injecting a high-pressure steam nozzle into the fibers, this service can terminate any bacteria, disinfect even the dirtiest of surfaces, and extract all kinds of stains, quickly and efficiently. The heat and high pressure of the stain react with the stains in a way that allows for its immediate extraction without compromising the colours of your precious rugs. The heat agitates the stain, removing its bond from the fibers, it is then extracted, along with 95% of the moisture, using a specialised vacuum machine and left to dry for 2 hours.

Rug Cleaning 
Prices Depend on Size & Condition

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Book professional rug cleaning services in Trafford very quickly, just call us at 0161 823 0246 and you will have a scheduled visit within minutes, with a convenient for you time and date, and a price estimation. That’s right, we give free price estimations and viewings, for more sever cases, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Just pick up the phone and ask away, our team of helpers will lend you a hand.