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Upholstery Cleaning in Trafford, Manchester

upholstery cleaning TraffordOnce again enjoy the comfort of your furniture, by using our upholstery cleaning service for Trafford, you can get help with coffee stains, food colouring nail polish and any other stain possible. Not only that but our detergents also makes the upholstery of your furniture a lot more resilient to dirt and dust accumulation, reducing the frequency of cleaning and overall lowering your cleaning bills by a quarter.

Trafford Upholstery Cleaning by Azure Cleaners

Leather and sued sofas will no longer suffer under the incapable hands of other cleaning companies, with our fully vetted and insured cleaners, you can expect only the best for your premium upholstery. Look forward to:

  •  Fresh smelling furniture
  •  Visibly cleaner surfaces
  •  Full dust removal
  •  No more dust mites
  •  Full all stain type removal
Upholstery - Steam Cleaning
Armchair £20
Two-seater Sofa £33
Three-seated Sofa £40
Sofa by seat £13
Dining chairs £7
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
Armchair £55
Two-seater Sofa £75
Three-seated Sofa £90
Sofa by seat £30
Dining chair £30


Upholstery Cleaning Service Explanation

Leather upholstery cleaning Trafford – the professional upholstery cleaners in Trafford give all leather a chance, regardless of age and condition, however, we can’t do miracles for extremely damaged or weathered leather. For more manageable conditions we use a conditioner that moisturizes the leather, allow the pores to open up and breathe a lot more freely, reducing the chance of cracking and breaking. We also use a hand applied detergent that tackles stains and wears and tare marks without damaging the leather itself. It is applied with a microfiber carefully by our technician, who then wipes the excess off with a clean cloth, allowing for the leather to dry and be ready for use.

furniture cleaning TraffordDry upholstery cleaning for your furniture – gets the job done by using a dry compound which reacts well will every stain type out there, with no chance of fiber damage or discoloration. Because it does not use any moisture as a cleaning agent, but in facts draws it out of textiles, it is used to treat not only wet stains but also natural fibered upholstery like silk and cotton, they tend to shrink and get damaged by heat, good thing we don’t use either. Before we apply the detergent the upholstery cleaners go over with a vacuum to remove hairs, fine dust and anything that might interfere with the cleaning process. Then the detergent is applied to the more heavily affected areas and spread over the surfaces using a fine brush which also embeds it into the fibers. After 15 minutes of reacting with the stains, it is drawn out using a vacuum cleaner, no need to dry or protect from colour bleeding.

Remember that you can combine your upholstery cleaning in Trafford with carpet cleaning in Trafford and you will save money and time. Also, you can check more cleaning services that we offer here.

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